Capital Homeschool Athletic Program

2022-2023 CHAP Basketball Intent to Play


CHAP Basketball 2022-2023 Census

Please read the below information very closely and visit our frequently asked questions page (link at bottom) as that will answer 95% of questions that could pop up. If this explanation below and the FAQ page do not answer all of your questions, please direct boys basketball questions to Josh Hall ( and Charlie Mercer ( and direct girls questions to Nate Reusser ( Thank you!


We are anticipating a very high turnout for our basketball program this season. The continued growth of CHAP basketball is exciting! However, that growth does bring additional scheduling challenges and we need to make sure we have plenty of runway to secure the necessary gym time for practices and games for all of our teams. 


CHAP Basketball will start the last week of October for our high school teams and high schoolers with fall sports not yet wrapped up will not be expected to attend that week of practices. For our younger teams, practices will start November 1 or 3. As always, our youth league (ages 7-10) will not start up until after Thanksgiving. 


If your child(ren) are planning on playing basketball for CHAP this upcoming season we need you to fill out this 2 minute long questionnaire for each child.  CHAP basketball is for any homeschool kids in the mid-Michigan area from ages 7-18.  Youth league is for children ages 7-10, but we also plan to have boys 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U and girls 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U. 


Boys Varsity and JV already has tryouts scheduled for the morning of September 10th and the evening of September 13th. You will receive tryout registration request from the boys V and JV coaches in the near future.  To be clear, boys ages 15-18 need to sign up for both the tryouts and this census, which are on SEPARATE registrations.


All other players just need to fill out this census and we will notify you of the tryout/placement dates for boys 14U 12U and 10U and girls V, JV, 14U and 12U.  It is important for you to know we will not cut any players (boys or girls) ages 14 and under, but some players will be placed on a 2nd more developmental team at the boys 12U and 14U age brackets. 


Boys 10U/YOUTH LEAGUE -- If your child is a boy age 9 or 10 (as of Sept 1, 2022) they can choose either the Youth League or our boys 10U team. The boys 10U team will be limited to 10-12 players. 


Lastly, we've created a frequently asked questions section on our website. Please direct any new homeschool families to that by sharing the following link --